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The Mind/Body Balance: 5 Ways to Bridge Mental & Physical Fitness

In our fast-paced culture, maintaining peak mental and physical fitness requires some outside-the-box thinking. Maxwell Billieon is just the man for the job.

One of the hardest things to do as an adult in the modern era is to keep your physical and mental fitness in perfect balance. The long and at times arduous days of your demanding schedule can be a perpetual distraction in achieving your health goals—leaving you feeling disjointed from the physical and mental balance needed to maintain the fast pace of life.

Before I became a writer, I was a certified fitness professional. Helping client’s juggle their health needs with their busy schedules was a normal part of my job. In response to their never-ending quest to link the body and mind, I learned to develop programs that were beneficial to bridging physical and mental fitness. Resulting in clients becoming both physically and mentally stronger—as well as freeing their lives up for more quality time in their relationships.

This union of mental and physical health is naturally formed when your mind and body are going in the same direction at the same time. However, finding a way to accomplish this daily can be challenging.

In the modern era, things move at light speed; every second we are being bombarded with new information. Like most, I also have to avoid becoming sidetracked by the daily requirements of living in the modern world. I am able to achieve this by coupling my mental and physical health activities into one unified activity. The truth is, with a little bit of planning, you can create a lifestyle that keeps you fit inside and out, giving you the focus to fully enjoy your mate or dating experiences.

Here are five ways to bridge your mental and physical fitness routine today.

The Work Workout

Mix your professional and personal goals by turning your job into a fitness source. An easy way to do this is to create a workout group with your co-workers or employees. I’ve done this by forming specialty days: try Tighten Up Tuesdays by inviting a yoga or stretch coach to the office. Move the tables back in the conference room and do thirty minutes of meditation before a healthy lunch. There’s also Workout Wednesdays: take your work or project group out of the office for a power walk while discussing important issues or projects; and Feed Me Fridays is a great way to swap out fast food for a healthy office potluck during an office meeting. It’s a great way to bridge health to your work environment, which will in turn allow you to be ready for your dating outings after hours.

Let’s Go Clubbing

This is a concept that I created in which you take a typical book club meeting and turn it into a full body and mind workout. The meeting consists of two sessions: a one hour reading from the book of focus, followed by a 30-minute walk in discussion about the book. You can split the club into groups of threes or fours on the walk and it’s a great way to invite new people to join the club… especially a date or potential partner. You can also use this idea for school study groups and religious gatherings.

Pod Casting

I normally listen to music during my workouts, but sometimes I want to get my brain fed while I’m training my body. To achieve this I supplement music for my favorite Pod Cast. It’s a great way to keep your mind full of beneficial information and the brain automatically retains information when it’s at work. Additionally, the blend of physical workout and mental education insures you work the left and right side of the brain. If you really like information, try “Maxwell Speaks” on iTunes. It’s a great way to workout.

Yoga Yes

I’ve done lots of activities to enhance my fitness levels, but nothing makes me feel calm and peaceful like a yoga workout. The primary reason I do yoga is the way it nourishes the mind by teaching you to listen to that quiet voice inside your head, while strengthening the body through power stretching. Over the years, Yoga has helped me stay alert throughout the day; it increased my ability to focus on personal and professional tasks, and it helped get rid of my back pain by stretching my core muscles out. Believe me, if it helped me reach wellness after 20 years of competitive sports and weight lifting, it can help anyone. Plus it’s a perfect partner or date activity.

Food for Thought

Both the body and mind perform at peak levels when you maintain a healthy food intake. There are certain foods that boost the body’s ability to fight disease, while also strengthening the mind. Add to your daily meals a helping of blueberries for memory; avocados are almost as good as blueberries in promoting brain health. Its monounsaturated fat contributes to healthy blood flow, and that means a healthy brain; and whole grains with low GI, which release glucose slowly into the bloodstream, keeping you mentally alert throughout the day. Also, cooking with these foods guarantees that your mate or date is getting the benefits as well, and that means you’ll have a better chance at creating a long lasting relationship.

Its also equally important to get a healthy dosage of mental and physical relaxation to ensure that your mind and body work in harmony. Never underestimate the power of a power nap for the mind and body; and napping with your partner makes it that much more fulfilling.

[image: via Liam Somerville on flickr]

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