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Why Kissing You is Home

Doug Zeigler reflects on home. Not a physical place, not a destination on a map… but a feeling, a being, a kiss.


Our days are filled with many journeys; some great, some small. A foray into the kitchen for a cup of coffee. The miles that evaporate beneath my tires to and from work. A fleeting remembrance of some menial thing you need to but never got around to. A trip to the store. An absent-minded brushing of teeth.

Each of these, and all the other distractions of life, take me away from home. The place I am most alive and most at peace.

There are times where I have been far from home for too long. I despair the time and crave my return. My cocoon, my solace, my place where the world can’t shake me. My refuge when it’s hailing pain and sadness.

The way home is simple: it’s your lips. They are a portal, you see. A mere wisp of a touch between our lips, and I am whisked away to the night we first nervously said we loved each other, intertwined on a hammock bathed by the full moon, bodies exposed and joyous.

Our lips push to be more solidly together, which transports me to that day in September when your beauty outstripped nature itself and we professed our souls to one another.

Pressing lips part, and I time travel to Scotland, where it poured mercilessly upon us and you laughed and smiled and danced, the very essence of the fairies that tales told us resided in the pools we were splashing in.

These are but other paths I travel daily. Those glorious lips of yours are my passport to moments relived.

They are also the way home.

Home is you. It is not a space we live in, nor a location we stay. Home is you, with no regard for time or space or when or where. We inhabit each other, timeless and perfect.



[image: via Jessie Jacobson on flickr]

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doug zeiglerDoug Zeigler is a husband, a father of four, a tech and video game geek. In his rare spare moments, he enjoys good books and even better beers, exploring new things, places and food with his wife and Kentucky basketball. He also possesses a vast knowledge of 80s music that he hopes will pay off big at some random trivia night.


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