Why People Cheat (Even Good People)

Whether we’ve been the cheater or the cheated-on, we can’t quite wrap our heads around why people cheat. As it turns out… there are quite a few reasons.

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Riding on to Romance: The Road Trip Date

Why hit the a coffee shop when you can hit the road? The road trip date may not have been your first idea, but here are some excellent reasons it should.

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7 Early Relationship Warning Signs You Should Never Ignore

A budding romance is FULL of good stuff… especially when we ignore red flags. Be safe and be on the lookout for these early relationship warning signs.

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How to Raise Your Vibration as a Couple

To life your fullest life, you must find ways to elevate the mind and spirit. Bring your partner along for the joyride and raise your vibration together.

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Effects of Yoga on Mind, Body & Soul

We knew the effects of yoga were positive ones, but we had no idea they were so far reaching. If you needed an excuse to get started, you’ll find it here.

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Is Monkey Mind at the Root of Your Relationship Woes?

To live our best lives, we must stay in the present—and that means chasing Monkey Mind away. Here’s your guide to addressing this invisible trouble maker.

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The Key to Healthy Communication: Remember Love

As humans, we complicate things—even simple things like speaking our truth. There’s one key to healthy communication, though… and it starts with love.

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5 Conversation Hacks for the Introverted Man

Will you think of the perfect thing to say during or after your date? If you’re an introverted man, these five conversation hacks are especially for you.

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