Men, Let’s Stop Fooling Ourselves: Size Matters

Well.. we thought the jury was still out, but Joshua Hathaway doesn’t seem to agree. Read up on his definitive ruling that, yes, indeed… size matters.

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4 Harsh Relationship Lessons I Plan to Teach My Sons

Knowledge is power—in life AND love—that’s why Tyler Jacobson has four relationship lessons he plans to share with his sons. Which one is your favorite?

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6 Reasons to Cheat

We can find lessons in the most unlikely places if we know how to look. With this logic, infidelity can be a stellar teacher. Here are six reasons to cheat.

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Is the gym a great way to meet a partner?

We’re all for online dating as a way to meet a partner, but there are a few other hot spots you may want to consider. Pack your bags and to head to the gym.

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Why Is It So Hard to Sustain Joy in Relationships?

Keeping the good juju rolling in any situation can be difficult, trying to sustain joy in relationships is a whole other challenge. Hint: kindness matters.

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4 Things I Learned Through My Breakup with an Addict

A breakup with an addict can leave a person feeling particularly bitter. Here are four lessons one man learned from a split with his alcoholic girlfriend.

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Unhappy to Happy: Killing the 5 Habits That Made My Life Miserable

When it comes to upgrading our lives, Unhappy to Happy is a pretty big win. Check out what one man did to boost his happy factor for life.

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